85.5 brasil MAHLE piston and cylinder barrell, fits 1600 engines type 3 bug ghia bus, good shape one piston and one barrell $38 shipped guaranteed good or another shipped, these need to be honed, the piston is fine no damage came off good running engine have about 10 to sell so the whole set of 4 is $80 shipped _________________ Pay Pal is [email protected]
VW rings 1.6 1.7 gas engines rabbit, scirocco, jetta, dasher, 76-84 yr. model numbers standard 049 198 153 A have 4 sets, also have 6 sets of the 049 198 153 B .25 oversize ring set for 78-84 yr cars, also fits audi 4000 and audi fox. 79,5 or 79.75 price is $15 plus $5 shipping so $20 shipped. _________________ Pay Pal is [email protected]
Nice set of barrells and pistons for the 40 hp bus bug ghia its 77 mm size on barrell and piston, shipping is $25 so $75 shipped for the set as shown, _________________ Pay Pal is [email protected]
041 101 3752 VW bug dual port 1776 cc or 1835 head, 40 mm intakes 35.5 exhaust valves good shape should be ok the way it is. has been cut in the middle $95 shipped barrell size is 98 mm stock is 94 mm so this is opened up 4 mm for 90.5 and 92 mm pistons _________________ Pay Pal is [email protected]
Condition: New other (see details) Here is that Pump gas BB chevy you have been looking for! This engine came out of a boat and it had only one hundred hours on it when it was pulled out for a rebuild. The hydraulic roller cam had an issue so that is why it was pulled in the first place. This Engine has 9.5 To one J and E forged pistons so it will love 91 octain fuel. The bottom end has Eagle H...